A+ Learning Center

A+ Learning Center

The A+ Learning Center at St. John’s Jesuit was established in 2003 to provide a comprehensive support system for all students in grades six through twelve to reach their full academic potential. Modeled after college and university learning centers, professional tutors provide academic assistance in all core subjects (English, Math, Science, Social Studies) as well as world languages.  Academic coaching provides students support in areas such as time management, organization, and goal setting.  SJJ’s A+ Learning Center is well regarded for its exceptional academic support.

The A+ Learning Center is open Monday through Thursday from 7:45am – 4:15pm and on Friday from 7:45am – 3:00pm.  To receive help, students may come to the Learning Center Monday through Friday during posted hours and by appointment under COVID conditions.

Joni Corbett- Director of Learning Support Services


The current A+ staff includes a Director/Intervention Specialist, two additional Intervention Specialists, a School Psychologist, the Iott Resource Center Manager, A+ Room Coordinator, Academic Tutors, and Test Proctors.

The A+ staff works in collaboration with parents, students, teachers, counselors, administrators, and community agencies to meet the individual academic needs of SJJ High School and Academy students. Eighty percent of the student body uses one or more of the A+ services throughout the school year.



The following services are provided through A+

-Professional tutoring
-Peer tutoring (COVID restrictions may apply)
-Specially designed instruction*
-Test and exam review sessions
-Research assistance
-Study guides
-Technological aids
-Academic coaching
-Study skills instruction
-Intervention support
-Psychoeducational evaluations
-ADHD assessments (non-diagnostic)
-Minor Adjustment Plans (MAPs)
-ACT, PSAT, SAT, and AP Exam accommodation requests

 *SJJ is a Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship provider

A+ Tutoring

Professional tutoring is available during the Learning Center’s posted hours.

Peer tutoring from SJJ’s National Honor Society members is available during the school week. Daily schedules will vary.  COVID restrictions may apply.

After school drop-In tutoring is available in the Learning Center, Monday through Thursday, 3:00pm – 4:15pm. Professional tutors provide academic assistance in all core subjects. Students may come to the Learning Center at any time during these hours to receive help. In addition to tutoring, all students are welcome to work independently on homework, for quiet study, or to participate in study groups.

A+ Academic Coaching

A+ staff are available to help students with issues relevant to academic success including, but not limited to, time management, organization, goal setting, and study skills.  Students may come to the Learning Center during posted hours to receive help in developing these areas.

Minor Adjustment Plans

A Minor Adjustment Plan (MAP) provides minor or reasonable classroom and/or test accommodations to students with identified or diagnosed disabilities. To support the need for a MAP, the student’s impairment must substantially limit a major life activity, such as learning, in the school environment. Current qualified documentation of the diagnosis/disability is required.  MAPs typically renew at the beginning of each school year; however, maintaining updated evaluations and documentation to support the MAP is the responsibility of the student/parent, not the school.  Students with English Language limitations that impede their learning are also eligible for EL MAPs.

Students with MAPs who consistently use their test accommodations at school, may also request those same accommodations through private test agencies such as ACT and College Board. Accommodation requests may be denied by the private test agencies based on the available documentation.

ACT/SAT Accommodations 

Detailed information regarding procedures, eligibility requirements, necessary documentation, and registration deadlines can be found at act.org

To request ACT accommodations, examinees must provide documentation showing:

  • They have a professionally diagnosed disability that substantially limits one or more major life         activity.
  • They use accommodations in an academic setting, typically demonstrated through an educational plan.
  • If accommodations are not needed to access the curriculum at school, it is unlikely they will be granted for the ACT.


The accommodation request process is completed through the school. If a student is interested in requesting test accommodations for the ACT, please A+.  Once approved for accommodations through ACT, a student will continue to receive them if he chooses to take the test more than once.


College Board/SAT

Detailed information regarding procedures, eligibility requirements, necessary documentation, and registration deadlines can be found at accommodations.collegeboard.org.

 To request College Board accommodations, examinees must provide documentation according to their criteria. Specific guidelines vary by disability.

  • The diagnosis is clearly stated.
  • Information is current.
  • Educational, developmental, and medical history is presented.
  • The diagnosis is supported.
  • The functional limitation is described.
  • Recommended accommodations are justified.
  • Evaluators’ professional credentials are established.

If a student is interested in requesting College Board test accommodations, please contact A+.  Once approved for test accommodations through College Board, a student will also be allowed to receive these accommodations when taking all College Board tests including the PSAT, SAT, or AP exams.  

A+ Additional Services

Educational Assessments

An underperforming student may be recommended to A+ for additional support by tutors, teachers, counselors, parents, or the student.  Information may be gathered from his counselor, teachers, tutors, or parent to help develop and implement an intervention plan. 

If adequate intervention has been documented and the student continues to underachieve, an Educational Assessment may be completed by the school psychologist to acquire additional standardized documentation. Based on the assessment results, a MAP may be written for the student.  Parents may be asked to follow-up with a physician regarding a possible diagnosis or with the school regarding a Special Education evaluation.  For more information, contact Sharon Barnett, SJJ school psychologist, at sbarnett@sjjtitans.org.

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