Senior Project

The SJJ Senior Paper has been a graduation requirement at St. John's Jesuit for more than 30 years, intended to be a cumulative assessment of a student’s writing ability.  Success in college is largely determined by what has been learned in high school and how well students have mastered how to learn. The Senior Project is meant to augment personal growth and help students learn to balance freedom with responsibility.

Contact the Senior Project Director

If you are a potential sponsor, a parent or a student, feel free to contact the Senior Project Director to ask a question or make a comment. Email can be used to send a student evaluation form, or to send in copies of your journal, if requested by the Senior Project moderators.

Senior Project Director
Mr. Brian Marciniak

Important Components of the Senior Project

Senior Project Calendar 2020

Senior Project Guidelines

Senior Project Paper Guidelines

Senior Project Proposal Form

Senior Project Sponsor Letter

Senior Project Out-of-Town Rationale

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