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National Honor Society logoThe membership selection guidelines for the National Honor Society are set by the national organization with the instruction that the local chapters establish their own specific guidelines or requirements when they establish their chapters.

In 1979, when the Pedro Arrupe Chapter was established, the requirements for membership were established to honor those students who exemplified the qualities of a "Man for Others" as defined in the mission statement of St. John's Jesuit.

Thus, to be considered for membership, a St. John's Jesuit student must have at least a 3.6 cumulative grade point average, be junior or senior in standing, exhibit outstanding moral character and integrity, be involved in extensive service work to the school and/or community, and be heavily involved in the activities of the school and the community.

Students who meet the grade requirement are invited to indicate their interest in National Honor Society by submitting an information form which outlines in detail their involvement in activities and in service/volunteer work. This information must be verified by the moderator/supervisor of each activity. They also write an essay describing their growth to become "men for others". 

The national chapter by laws indicate that the selection committee in each local chapter consist of five faculty members, and that none of those members may include the principal or assistant principal of the school. Selection is determined by a majority vote of the five-member panel. At St. John's Jesuit, an effort is made to keep the committee diverse so as to include personnel from as many elements of the school community as possible. They serve a one year term, but may be appointed to serve consecutive terms. The chapter moderator is the sixth, but non-voting member of the selection committee. It is the responsibility of the moderator to see that the committee meets and thoroughly discusses the candidates, and records the decisions. The moderator is responsible for notifying the candidates of the decisions. Information is given to the candidate as well about what areas he should address if he should choose to apply in the senior year.

Any student who does not meet the criteria for selection in the junior year is eligible to be considered in his senior year if he continues to meet the grade requirements and resubmits the activities form, which highlights how the student acted upon suggested areas for improvement from the previous submission as well as includes other areas of growth. The resubmission will also serve as an appeal of the previous year's decision of non-admittance.

The information sheet asks that students submit evidence of involvement in at least two "major activities". A major activity is one for which there is evidence of heavy involvement over an extended period of time, (that is, more than a year of involvement) and includes much more than time spent during an activity period. Evidence of leadership in that activity is essential as well. The moderator or supervisor of the major activity is required to write a "recommendation" to substantiate the involvement, and the like.

Minor activities are requested as well. These are defined as those activities which are shorter term or require less in time commitment. The moderator or supervisor of the activity needs to sign the form to verify.

Out of school activities are listed with the years /hours per week/month and the moderator's signature.

Service and volunteer work is put in a separate section of the form. Again, an in depth description is needed which includes the time commitment the nature of the work, and the supervisor's verification that the service was performed as stated. Service work done to meet a course requirement or a scholarship requirement is not considered as outside school volunteer activity.

All submissions for admission in the National Honor Society will be submitted to the Principal's Office by the end of the school day specified in the letter of invitation to apply. Those submissions should be placed in a sealed manila envelope with the student's name and "National Honor Society Application" on the outside. Materials inside the envelope should be paper-clipped.

The National Honor Society moderator is responsible for checking the validity of the information, especially if it is questioned by the committee.

The compilation of information is then submitted and studied by the faculty selection committee, which discusses each student, then makes a decision.

The students selected must meet the national requirements of the National Honor Society: leadership, scholarship, character, and service. They must also exemplify the "Man for Others" ideal that is part of the mission of the school.

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