Reflective Prayer

Catholic, Christ-Centered Atmosphere St. John’s Jesuit provides a Catholic environment that develops Christian leaders and fosters spiritual growth in people of all faiths through religious services, retreats, Christian Service, and theology classes. Daily classroom discussions and prayer play a major role in forming a young man’s spirituality and compassionate heart. It allows him to talk openly about what is in his heart and his feelings for God, his faith, and his own personal spirituality.

Monday through Friday morning Mass is celebrated at 7:20 a.m. and is open to all (please check the school calendar for special Friday masses at 9am).  An all- school Mass is held monthly celebrating Holy Days of Obligation and Ash Wednesday. There are prayer services held throughout the year.

Daily Prayer
Every school day begins with morning prayer. Prayers reflect the readings of the day, a celebration of the feast day of a saint, or a special event in the life of the Church or school.  Each class and every school meeting starts with a prayer. At the end of 7th period every day, a student reads the Examen Prayer of St. Ignatius Loyola over the PA system. During this prayer, all members of the community reflect on where God has been in their lives so far during the day, the blessings they have received, and the times when they have been less-than-generous in their own responses to God. Finally, they resolve to do more to see God’s influence in their lives in the hours to come.
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