Contemplative Theology Classes 

As a Catholic, Christ-Centered Atmosphere,  St. John’s Jesuit provides a Catholic environment that develops Christian leaders and fosters spiritual growth in people of all faiths through religious services, retreats, Christian Service, and theology classes. Daily classroom discussions and prayer play a major role in forming a young man’s spirituality and compassionate heart. It allows him to talk openly about what is in his heart and his feelings for God, his faith, and his own personal spirituality.

Freshmen - learn about the Jesuits, the Society of Jesus, major figures in its founding, its history, and spirituality during the first quarter. The second quarter serves as an introduction to the Old Testament. The second semester examines the New Testament.
A 10-hour service project is required for students in Freshman Theology.

Sophomores - study the fundamental beliefs of the Catholic Church, systemically examining the doctrine of God, the person and mission of Jesus Christ, and the mission of the Church. The course is structured around the Nicene Creed, and helps students to better know Christ in their lives and understand Christ’s saving work in their lives.

A 15-hour service project is required for students in Sophomore Theology.

A 20-hour service project is required for students in Honors Sophomore Theology.

Juniors - study Moral and Sacramental Theology and Social Justice to better understand the biblical and theological foundations for the Christian life. Students will investigate various methods of moral decision-making and learn to apply these methods to current moral issues, developing their conscience on these issues in the process. Some issues that may be covered are: medical ethics, marriage and sexual morality, war and peace, technology, media ethics, and consistent ethic of life.

A 20-hour service project is required for students in Junior Theology.

A 25-hour service project is required for students in Honors Junior Theology.

Seniors - study first semester the ways in which the Catholic Church relates to non -Catholic Christians and other religions of the world. Through this study, they gain a greater appreciation of both their own faith and the faith of others. During second semester, students engage in a study of Ignatian Spirituality building on the insights of St. Ignatius of Loyola that are the heart of the Society’s mission. St. Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises help students to reflect on their vocations and better commit to a life of service as men for others.

Honors Theology Classes are available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Students go into greater depth into the topics that they are studying.

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