Campus Ministry

A Catholic Christ-Centered Atmosphere in the Jesuit Tradition

Jesuit education deepens the spiritual lives of young men and brings them closer to Christ so they will be generous in service to others.

St. John’s Jesuit provides an environment that develops Christian leaders and fosters spiritual growth in  people of all faiths through religious services, Christian Service, and theology classes.  A four-year retreat program starts with the freshman overnight retreat and ends with the powerful Kairos, a four-night retreat that alumni still talk about years after graduating.

Daily classroom discussions and prayer play a major role in developing a young man’s spirituality and compassionate heart.

Each day in the afternoon the entire school quiets. Faculty and students participate in a daily “Examen” where one can grow more sensitive to their own spirit and become more open to receive the support God offers by reflecting on their day.

Daily Examen

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