Below are the transportation options for SJJ students:

  • Districts that bus to St. John’s Jesuit:
    • Anthony Wayne
    • Perrysburg
    • Sylvania
    • Toledo Public offers TARTA Bus Passes
    • Questions:
      • Contact your local school district transportation department and they will confirm enrollment with SJJ and give the information needed to transport you son.  
  • St John’s Jesuit/MVCD Bowling Green Bus
    • Cost is $150 for the year
    • For more information contact Sue Matuszak at 419-720-0731.

  • St. John’s Jesuit Yellow Bus
    • Cost is $2.00 per ride and is billed through the Business Office monthly
    • Route will vary yearly depending on the locations of the students
      • It normally covers:  Southland, Toledo, Manhattan Lagrange Area, West Toledo, and Ottawa Hills
      • Route time is 1 ½ hours starting at 6:30 am – 8:00 am (morning) and
        3:30 pm – 5:00 pm (afternoon)
    • Transportation forms, rules and regulations are on the following link:
  • St. John’s Jesuit Carpools
    • St. John’s Jesuit High School and Academy encourages families to share information designed to help families create carpools. SJJ will help get families information to each other that live in the same areas. Then, parents can contact other SJJ families to get connected and set up a potential schedule.  Email for more information.


Specific Questions about Transportation?

Lesia McHugh

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