How to Apply

Determine Which Application Process: Academy, High School, or Transfer

1. Academy -- an academy student is a student applying for admittance to grades 6, 7,  or 8 in August of 2019.
2. High School  -- a high school student a student entering grade 9 in August of 2019.

3. Transfer --  a transfer student is defined as students who are entering the high school grades 10 or 11 in August of 2019. St. John’s Jesuit does not accept 12th grade students unless they are new to the Toledo area.  

St. John’s Jesuit Admissions Process

  • Take the Placement Test at St. John’s Jesuit. (Not applicable for transfer high school students)
  • Complete and submit an online application.
  • Have your current school complete the online evaluation.
  • Join us for a Titan For A Day visit.

Required Links for Admissions

Online Admissions Application 
(Interested HS, Academy, Transfer and Exchange Students)

Online School Evaluation
(to be completed by the school teacher or counselor)
(Required for HS, Transfer, and Academy)

Required High School Placement Test

High School Test Dates - December 1, 8, 27
To reserve a seat email 

Required Academy Placement Test 

Academy Test Date - December 8
To reserve a seat email 

Titan for a Day Visits

Does your son love the arts?  Is he a coding king or interested in athletics?  We want to introduce him to all that we offer and address his specific interests and strengths.   Contact Andi Petrie, Associate Director of Admissions, to schedule a personalized visit at 419.720.0797 or

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