Paper Guidelines

SP Paper Guidelines

The paper will be EVALUATIVE/REFLECTIVE, not descriptive, of what you did. Concentrate on how effective your efforts were BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER the project. The following questions are merely suggested areas to consider in each organizational stage for the paper. The paper is to be a MINIMUM of 1250 words.

Before the project

  1. What were my feelings when the project was introduced?
  2. How much time and effort did I put into the planning phase?
  3. Did I procrastinate? What were the effects?
  4. How effective was my initial contact with my sponsor?
  5. Did I spend sufficient time with my sponsor to explain my expectations and his/her expectations?
  6. Was I apprehensive about making these contacts?
  7. What were my original intentions?
  8. Did I discuss my goals with my sponsor? With others?
  9. How did I make my initial contact?
  10. Was I turned down? How did I react?
  11. What went best in the planning period? The worst?
  12. Was I late with anything? Why? How did I feel?

During the project

  1. How did my first day go and how did I react?
  2. What was my biggest surprise during the project?
  3. What was my biggest failure?
  4. Did I overcome any major obstacles?
  5. Did I learn anything about myself?
  6. Did I change from week to week?
  7. Was my time effectively utilized? Why or why not?
  8. Was my sponsor supportive?
  9. What kind of work environment existed?
  10. What did I learn about the career?
  11. Could I work in this kind of environment?
  12. What characteristics are needed to succeed in this line of work?
  13. Did my sponsor discuss daily activities with me?
  14. Did I make a contribution?
  15. If I had multiple projects, which stood out and why?

Post project

  1. Would I do the same project again?
  2. How would I modify the entire experience to make it better?
  3. Would I change any part of the project itself?
  4. Have I changed in any way as a result of this experience?
  5. What have I learned about myself as a result of this experience (positively/negatively)?
  6. Do I intend on maintaining contact with anyone as a result of this project?
  7. Have my future plans been affected?
  8. Will I do anything differently in the future as a result of my experience? Career? Volunteer my time?
  9. Would I recommend this type of project to future seniors? Why? Why not? 
  10. Would I recommend by community sponsor? Why? Why not?
  11. How did this project fit into the St. John's Jesuit education?
  12. Was this paper difficult to write?
  13. Will my major in college change? Will I take different courses as a result of this project?


  1. The previous questions are only suggested for each phase of the project. What is important is that you concentrate in any evaluative/reflective way on what stood out for you. DON'T JUST TELL WHAT YOU DID.
  2. The first paragraph of the paper should explain where you did your project and give a brief description of what you actually did. The last sentence of this first paragraph will be your thesis sentence. The first paragraph will not be longer than one typewritten page.
  3. You should subdivide the paper into PRE PROJECT, DURING PROJECT, POST PROJECT sections as separated paragraphs.
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