Distinguished Scholars Program

Distinguished Scholars


For 450 years, Jesuit Education has encouraged each student to be more, to do more, and to reach his greatest potential. A hallmark of the Jesuit approach is the commitment to presenting programs which move each individual student to grow academically to his highest level. The new Distinguished Scholars Program provides students who love learning and seek additional challenge a sequential, four-year class of advanced study and cultural enrichment culminating in a college level Senior Capstone Project.

What Are the Key Elements of the Distinguished Scholars Program?

Engaging Curriculum Develops Highly Capable Critical Thinkers and Communicators

In addition to a student’s rigorous academic curriculum, he will engage in one exclusive course offered each year to Distinguished Scholars. Over their four years, Distinguished Scholars will explore great ideas in world history, philosophy, science, and the humanities. Scholars will heighten their presentation skills and analytical composition skills. This carefully chosen, integrated curriculum will challenge Distinguished Scholars to even deeper critical thinking, analysis, and problem solving.

Cultural Enrichment Fosters Holistic Development

Enrichment outside the classroom will expand the Distinguished Scholars’ exposure to cultural and intellectual opportunities. Activities will embrace exposure to the Fine Arts, lectures by national and regional leaders concerning important social issues, and unparalleled access to our worldwide Jesuit Network. Examples could include:

  • The Barber of Seville, Toledo Opera
  • Steve Wozniak, University of Toledo Distinguished Lecture Series
  • Dr. Eric Betzig (Nobel Prize in Chemistry), University of Michigan Lectures
  • The Berlin Painter exhibit at the Toledo Museum of Art
  • Dvorak’s New World performed by the Toledo Symphony Orchestra
  • The Toledo public library’s Authors, Authors series

Distinguished Scholars

Senior Capstone Project Applies Distinguished Scholars Learning to Real World Issues

During their junior and senior years, Distinguished Scholars will focus on an expansive and personal Capstone Project that will be presented to the community. Scholars will work closely with local businesses and institutions in this process. By putting into practice the knowledge and abilities developed through the Distinguished Scholars Program, the students will address important academic, research, public policy, or societal issues. Distinguished Scholars will gain valuable research experience throughout the process and defend their final product in a college-level, thesis-style presentation to a panel. 

What Will Distinguished Scholars Gain during their Four Years in the Program?

  • Maximum personal growth through an expansive, challenging curriculum
  • Highly developed critical thinking and communication skills
  • Mentorship and guidance from a dedicated Program Director
  • Experience with college-style seminars, research, and thesis-based presentations
  • Broad cultural exposure in the Toledo area and beyond
  • Involvement with businesses and institutions through the Capstone project
  • Support of a peer structure committed to similar interests and ambitions
  • Guaranteed participation in a “High Achievement” college counseling night
  • Recognition of being a Distinguished Scholar at graduation

How Will Distinguished Scholars Be Selected?

 Admission into the program involves consideration of the following criteria:

  • Love of learning and strong motivation for intellectual and personal growth
  • High performance on the High School Placement Test
  • Strong Academic Portfolio
  • Interview Process with Distinguished Scholars Committee

Distinguished Scholars

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