The Technology Wing

This 16,600-sq. ft. wing includes iMac Lab open for student use, a publications lab, and the Iott Resource Center are great adjuncts to the learning process. A broadcasting studio offers a professional studio and plenty of opportunities to gain broadcasting experience. In addition to the iMac Lab, there are two computer labs in this wing, one of which is home to the Language Lab. Students can also check out laptops for use in the Iott Center and WiFi is available campus-wide.

Engineering Technology Lab

A second-floor technology lab with 30 multi-media computers includes complex Design Academy software used for computer-aid design in the Engineering career exploration course.  This software is the same utilized by the School of Engineering at The Ohio State University.

Fox Music Technology Lab

This college-designed lab rivals that of many colleges and universities and offers complete digital editing, recording, professional sequencing, and editing software.

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